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Baker Is Famous For Being Funny...

Baker Featured on Letterman Show

     In January 1997, rumors began flying around town that "The Letterman Show" would be doing a segment about Baker. Some were a little afraid that the show would just poke fun at a small town. But, when Biff Henderson arrived in an RV with a cameraman and producer, local folks did their best to show our famous wry sense of humor. The resulting show was hilarious to say the least and was shown in re-runs many times. Mr. Henderson captured the true spirit of Baker by saying, "It's quiet, peaceful, beautiful and the people are friendly."

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Fence Post Art

   The "Post" Impression Art movement began in 1997 when "Doc" Sherman of Baker put a glove on a fence post and proclaimed the "Permanent Wave Society." Since then Doc and others have added spontaneous contributions of whimsical art on fence posts along roads around Baker. This art was created for your fun and enjoyment. If you feel so moved, add your own masterpiece when you visit.

Photo by K. Rountree

Permanent Wave Society


2003 Mardi Gras

     Folks living in and near Baker start to get cabin fever toward the end of winter. So, in keeping with a tradition of tongue-in-cheek tomfoolery in the area, they decided to have a Mardi Gras Parade to liven everyone up. At least a hundred people braved the snow and cold March 1, 2003 to watch or participate in the first parade. Reporters and photographers from the Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake is 200 miles away) and the Ely Times (Ely is 60 miles away) covered the event. Afterward, everyone enjoyed a cajun-style potluck dinner at T&D's. It snowed again for awhile and then a number of brave souls went back outside for a lively round of "street bowling." This game was popular in Baker in the early 90's and consists of knocking over orange traffic cones with bowling balls obtained from a second-hand store. Organizers hope to have an even bigger and more creative parade next year.































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